12472671_459979480870028_240059360569226874_n Hey there!
My name is Senada, and Yogi OM is my attempt to put together different aspects of my life, trying to make one meaningful, useful and coherent unity. Hopefully I will manage…

Getting to know me better, one would probably describe me as an eclectic mix between a professional travel agent, passionate yoga teacher, enthusiastic ‘do it yourself’ creator & healthy food explorer. And it doesn’t stop there, travelling & moving to another country has made a big significance in my life. Making me today one proud Croatian girl with my hometown Zagreb in heart, grateful Slovenian lady with my second home Ljubljana in mind & an excited newbie to Switzerland with Basel as my base.


But when it comes to the BIG question, it’s actually really difficult to reply. Who am I? There is no simple answer, at least I don’t know it jet…
I am not my education, nor my job. I am not my desires, nor my fears. But then again, all of those and many more, make a part of who I am.
What I can say is, I am a soul searching for its meaning in this lifetime, a soul searching for a fulfilling job which would make a difference in this world. I was given a healthy beautiful body with all its limitations, strengths and weaknesses. I am still learning to accept it and love it unconditionally.
I am somebody’s friend, sister, daughter, wife and soon to be mother.
Creativity makes me happy, it makes me loose myself in space and time. Colors make me happy.
I like my alone time and enjoy the smell and sound of nature. I love water in form of a river, lake, sea, ocean… I like sunshine and I love to smile.

Everyday I learn a little bit more about myself. I try my best to remember what is important in life and what really matters, trying to find the balance in this world, which sometimes seems pretty much ‘out of order’.
I’m learning to relax in life and to let go of control, always feeling absolute gratitude for the good & not so good which comes along the way. Enjoying and appreciating the good, learning and growing from the not so good … but celebrating both!

So, what you will find here, is a mix and match of travel blogs, DIY ideas, healthy recipes, yoga related texts & bunch of pictures with my cooking results (the successful ones of course), yoga poses (not always so successful), pictures of things that I have made & beautiful places we have in this world….
Thank you for visiting my web page … and hope you will find some useful advice, reading material, ideas or whatever it is you are looking for 😃

Live each day a one fine day  & love what you love as possible as you can!